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Redefining the Co-op in Ways Big & Small

Jun 24, 2013

One in five adults over age 15 is a member of a cooperative, according to the United Nations.

That’s 1 billion people worldwide. And the UN says co-ops will be the fastest growing business model by the year 2025.

A new grocery co-op opened in Elwood, Neb., this spring. The town went without a store for more than a year.
Credit Hilary Stohs-Krause (Harvest Public Media)

But here in the U.S., the number of co-ops has been steadily declining, down 40% percent from 1993.

Reporting from Nebraska for Harvest Public Media, Hilary Stohs-Krause finds that the co-op model -- long a staple of Midwestern agricultural communities -- is being redefined in ways big and small.

You can read and listen to more of the story at this link to the Harvest Public Media website.