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Schock Says Congress Reflects Polarized Nation

Aug 13, 2013

With congress in recess, Illinois Representative Aaron Schock (R-IL) took a two week tour of his district conducting town hall style "listening sessions," stopping in Macomb on Tuesday.

Schock outlined what he sees as the most serious challenges to the economy, which included excessive regulations, before taking questions. 

One audience member asked why congress can't get anything done. The man also brought up congress's extremely low approval rating.

Schock at a listening session at Macomb City Hall.
Credit SSS

Schock acknowledged congress's unpopularity citing it's July approval rating  of seven percent. He joked that ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi had an approval rate of 13 percent.

Schock said though that congressmen are not the only ones who have helped cause the current gridlock in the nation's capital.

He said that he asks everyone who visits him in his Washington office, "who's your representative, do you have a relationship with them, and do you talk to them about what you want to see in government like you are talking to me?"

Schock said that Representatives reflect the people of their districts. He clarified that not all of his constituents agree with all or even anything he says, but if he goes against the will of the majority of his district , he will lose his job.

Schock also answered a question about whether a deal on the farm bill is possible. He expressed some frustration with House Democrats at the failure of a comprehensive farm bill.

He did express his view though that some sort of a farm bill deal is possible before the current bill expires on September 30th.