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Schock Votes to Delay Affordable Care Act

Jul 22, 2013

The US House of Representatives has voted to delay a key provision of the President’s signature health reform law.

Republicans argued that after the Whitehouse delayed implementing a part of the Affordable Care Act mandating employers provide health insurance to their workers, the mandate for individuals to have health insurance should be delayed as well.

Schock as well as all IL Republicans and three Democrats voted to delay the affordable care act.
Credit Congressman Schock's Office

Nearly all house Republicans, including Illinois representative Aaron Schock (R-IL), whose district includes Macomb and Quincy, voted for the bill.

"It's why half of the people who graduated from college last may are still unemployed or underemployed, for so many reasons this bill needs to postponed which is what this legislation does. I urge passage and a yes vote," Schock said.

Every other Illinois Republican joined Shock in supporting the measure as did three Illinois Democrats including Representative Cheri Bustos.

The vote is the 38th time since republicans gained control of the House of Representative that Republicans have voted to remove funding for or repeal part or all of the affordable care act.