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In Search of Credible Campaign Reporting

Sep 20, 2016

An article in Rolling Stone magazine says news outlets seem to be divided into two camps: one that reports bad news about Democrats and one that reports bad news about Republicans. 

The article by Matt Taibbi said it’s been difficult to find credible coverage of this year’s presidential campaign.

Shop Talk panelist Jasmine Crighton said it’s not the job of reporters to make public their biases.  She said reporters should stick to the facts and give voters information. 

But Crighton added journalists should point out if a candidate says something false or wrongheaded.  She said that’s not a matter of bias.

Panelist Will Buss believes some cable television networks give audiences what they want to hear instead of giving them the facts. He said those stations have a habit of sensationalizing stories in hopes of increasing their audience.

Buss also said some viewers don’t seem to distinguish between journalism and commentary.

Panelist Megan Sanchez, who’s a student at Western Illinois University, said many people her age seem to seek out what they agree with online without regard to whether the information is factual. 

Sanchez worries the biased cable news networks are ruining it for local TV reporters by giving audiences the impression that all TV reporters are biased.