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Sheriff says Wever Speeding a Challenge

Mar 17, 2014

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office says it will do what it can about how some people are driving through Wever as traffic has skyrocketed thanks to the construction of Iowa Fertilizer Company’s new plant south of town.

Lee County Sheriff Jim Sholl

The additional traffic prompted several residents to attend a recent Lee County Board of Supervisors meeting to ask the county for help in preventing plant workers from speeding.

The residents are worried about safety during peak times, especially mornings.

Sheriff Jim Sholl says while he understands their concerns, he does not have enough deputies to assign someone exclusively to Wever.

He says there is also the challenge of the town being located next to a four-lane highway because if a deputy is stationed in Wever, speeding occurs on the highway and vice versa.

The supervisors say county staff will continue to talk to Iowa Fertilizer Company to see if the issue can be addressed on that end.