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Small Gains for Illinois' Housing Market

Apr 1, 2014

Home prices increased 12.2% across the nation in February compared to a year ago. That's according to real estate aggregator CoreLogic.

Credit respres / Wikimedia Commons

Single family home prices in February 2014 compared to February 2013:

  • Illinois: up 10%
  • Iowa: up 3.4%
  • Missouri: up 6.8%

Still, home prices nationally  remain nearly 17% below the April 2006 peak prices.

Illinois ranks fifth in the nation for foreclosure filings. That's according to RealtyTrac, a company that collects and tracks real estate data nationwide.

More than 1.18 million properties -- or 1 in every 1170 in the U.S. -- are currently in some stage of foreclosure.

States with highest Foreclosure Rates in February 2014:

  1. Florida: 1 in every 372
  2. Maryland: 1 in every 557
  3. Nevada: 1 in every 633
  4. New Jersey: 1 in every 739
  5. Illinois: 1 in every 811

In Illinois, the highest rates of foreclosure appear in the northeastern portions of the state. In west central Illinois, foreclosures rates are low in McDonough County and higher in Hancock and Fulton counties.