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A Song in Her Heart

Jun 19, 2013

Jackie Dougan Jackson keeps a pretty thorough log of her life.

The 85-year-old retired college professor lives in Springfield, IL, and has lived there for more than 40 years. However, she has devoted a lot of time to her first 22 years, when she lived on a family farm near Beloit, WI.

Retired professor Jackie Dougan Jackson lives in Springfield, IL, but devotes a lot of time reflecting on her childhood growing up on a farm near Beloit, WI.
Credit Bill Wheelhouse/Harvest Public Media

Jackson has written a couple of books of what she calls “creative nonfiction,” which she calls the “Round Barn” series, based on a distinctive feature on the family farmstead. 

In those books she relates tales from the farm life of her childhood, from her “grama’s” depression to tall tales told at the dinner table.

Jackson shares her story in the third installment of this year’s My Farm Roots series from Harvest Public Media.

Here is a link to her story on the Harvest Public Media website, which also includes other stories from the series.