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Standing Up to a Publisher's Misdeeds

Jan 12, 2016

Late last month, reporter Steve Majerus-Collins posted an article on his Facebook page explaining that he was quitting his job because, "The owner of my paper is guilty of journalistic misconduct of epic proportions."

Majerus-Collins reported for two decades for The Bristol Press in Connecticut, but felt the paper’s current owner meddled in the news operations to such an extent that the paper was no longer credible. Majerus-Collins said the owner – Michael Schroeder – lied, plagiarized, and basically used the newspaper to further his own political agenda. 

Shop Talk panelist Jasmine Crighton praised Majerus-Collins for standing up for his beliefs. She said the job market is tough but it’s also difficult to stay somewhere and put up with bad management.

Panelist Rich Egger pointed out that last week’s Shop Talk discussion also dealt with owners who promote an agenda.  He said there are too many examples of ownership meddling in news.

Panelist Jonathan Ahl said he might be willing to accept it if media outlets were forthright about their biases.  But he said too many of them claim to be objective while simultaneously promoting an agenda.