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Tim Wondra: Stressing Accountability

Sep 5, 2013

Tim Wondra says he is seeking a second term on the Fort Madison School Board because there is more work to do throughout the district.

Fort Madison School Board Member Tim Wondra

He is one of seven candidates who will appear on the September 10 ballot in the race for three seats.

Wondra says he was ready to make some major changes when he first joined the panel four years ago.

He says while that process has started, he has come to realize that change takes time.

Wondra says if re-elected, he will keep working to improve the vocation technology program at Fort Madison High School.

"(The students) can springboard that into going into vocational technology school or into the workforce," says Wondra, "and so it helps to develop a more rounded student.  This gives the students who are not going to college an avenue to be successiful."

Wondra says he will also holding administrators accountable for test scores.

"We have kinda lit a fire under them that either get some results," says Wondra, "or we are in the position now where if you are not going to get results, we can change you.  We can get rid of principals, we can get rid of superintendents."

Wondra says the biggest challenge facing the Fort Madison School District is getting more parents involved.

He says parents and volunteers need to be encouraged and welcomed at the middle and high school, "making that more open for the parents to come in."

Wondra says the Fort Madison School District needs to improve its test scores and its learning in general.

He supports the creation of a preschool program and a community volunteering requirement at the high school level.