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US Corn Acres Up, Down for Iowa

Jul 1, 2013

The USDA has issued a report of saying despite a soggy planting season, farmers will still break records this year.

The agency's much anticipated report on how many total acres were planted top corn and soybeans was released last week.

...we can make up a lot of ground in a hurry even though we fall behind.
The USDA report has the US planting the most corn acres since 1936.
Credit SSS

It said soybeans acres will reach their highest level ever and corn will be at its highest since 1936.

Iowa State University Farm Management specialist for Southeast Iowa, Bob Wells, said the corn acres for Iowa are down by about 200,000, but the effects from this spring’s rains were less than some expected.

“We’ve seen from past spring planting times that we can plant about a million acres of corn a day, so we can make up a lot of ground in a hurry even though we fall behind.”

He said the overall increase in corn acres came from states at the fringe of the corn growing region, like Texas.

Wells said corn prices have dipped since the USDA report was released, but since the USDA didn’t change its yield estimate as well, the drop was relatively small.