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Video Gaming Revenue Up in Galesburg

Jul 2, 2014

The city of Galesburg is experiencing the financial benefits from the state's decision to allow businesses to install video gaming machines, just as some new establishments are looking to cash in.

You can find video gaming machines in nearly two-dozen establishments throughout Galesburg.  The machines are similar to those found in casinos.

Video Gaming
Credit TSPR's Emily Boyer

There are plans in the works for another establishment to offer them this month, with four more awaiting approval from the Illinois Gaming Board.

Gaming profits are divided:

  • Establishment’s share 35%
  • Machine Operators’ share 35%
  • State of Illinois’ share 30%

Galesburg’s Senior Accountant Bobbi Chockley says about 5% of the state’s share comes back to the city.

“The April payment is the biggest we’ve seen so far,” Chockley said. “It dropped a little in May. But the average for the year is about $13,000 per month.”

That compares to $8,300 a month in 2013.

Chockley says the city’s likely to bring in at least $160,000 dollars from video gaming this year. That’s about $55,000 more than projected.