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Warm Weather Benefits Keokuk Water Tower

Jan 11, 2012

The relatively warm weather in recent weeks has benefited Keokuk's new water tower.

The structure behind the former Lincoln Elementary School in Keokuk can hold four-million gallons of water.

Waterworks General Manager Bill Cole says the water tower first went online just before Christmas.  He says it was not placed in full service, though, until last Friday.

Cole says the time in between allowed for electrical work to be completed and equipment to be tuned.  He says those processes were aided by the lack of freezing temperatures.

“The weather has certainly been perfect for us to finish this thing up,” says Cole, adding “it is much more challenging to try to fill a water tower when you have extremely cold and freezing conditions.”

Cole says the tower will be filled and drained through regular use each day.  He says ice will buid up in the tower, but it will not last for long because of the constant movement of the water.

Cole says Keokuk’s three elevated towers can now hold 12-14 hours worth of water during an emergency.  He says the new tower has the second largest elevated storage tank in the United States.

Cole says all that is left to do is some grading around the tower and a little electrical work.