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WIU Professor Sells Boar for World Record Prize

Jul 22, 2014

A Western Illinois University professor has turned a moment from his childhood into a family passion.

Associate Professor of Agriculture Mark Hoge has been raising hogs since he was an eight-year old member of 4H. Hoge said it was a way to be close to his father.

He decided to keep the tradition going with his own family.

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"The purpose of the show pig industry-yes we represent market hogs, we represent the swine industry, but what we really do is we use the pigs to develop our young people in terms of work ethic, drive, determination, and responsibility," Hoge said.

The family recently sold a Class 1 Yorkshire boar for a world record price of $270,000 at a swine show in Louisville, KY.

Hoge said his family knew the boar was unique, but he did not expect to bring in that much money.