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Shop Talk - June 5

The panelists talk about Internet radio. Listenership is up about 8% in the past year.

Panelist Lisa Kernek said she listens for programs that she missed and programs that are not carried in this market.

Kernek said research shows more people are using their cell phones to listen to radio in the car and the numbers are expected to continue growing as more people get smart phones.

Panelist Mike Murray said he listens to Internet radio at home and the office. He seeks out German language programming and some music stations. He said traditional radio reception is terrible in Sallee Hall (where he works) because of the way the structure was built so the computer is the best way to pick up a station.

Statistics from Tri States Public Radio Content Producer Curtis Bisbee show 37% of the visitors to the radio station's website from April 23 - May 23 used the audio streams. One stream carries the main radio station and the other carries the Exponential Radio programming heard on WIUM-2.

In addition, Tri States Public Radio now has a mobile optimized site that is best viewed on an i-Phone or Droid. Tablets will still direct visitors to the main website.


Rich is TSPR's News Director.