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WIU: 10 Academic Programs Up for Elimination

Mar 7, 2019
Courtesy WIU

Western Illinois University's Provost Office released final recommendations to the Board of Trustees on Thursday regarding which academic programs should be eliminated.

Western Illinois University

There is a list of 18 academic programs at Western Illinois University being considered for elimination. A report reviewing each of them has been turned over to the administration and decisions are expected soon.

Clow Steps In As WIU Interim Provost

Jan 24, 2019
Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University's new interim provost said plans for academic realignment are on hold for now. Billy Clow, the former dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication, took over as interim provost at the start of the new year.

WIU Program Elimination Review Underway

Dec 4, 2018
Rich Egger

A committee at Western Illinois University is working to review a list of academic programs being considered for elimination. Its report isn't due until the spring semester. But an audio recording from a Board of Trustees meeting in late June indicates there might already be a plan in place.

WIU Announces More Budget Cuts

Nov 16, 2018
Rich Egger

In an email and web post titled "Budget Update," Western Illinois University President Jack Thomas announced on Thursday that the university is in a structural budget deficit and expenditures are outpacing revenues. Dr. Thomas said that as a result, WIU plans to cut $5 million from this year’s budget and a total of $21 million from the budget for Fiscal Year 2020, which begins July 1, 2019.

WIU Considers Eliminating 18 Academic Programs

Oct 25, 2018

Western Illinois University is considering whether to eliminate more academic programs as it continues to grapple with falling student enrollment numbers and looks to get back on solid financial footing.