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Byron Oden Shabazz

Rich Egger

A plaque now marks the site where civil rights leader Reverend C.T. Vivian lived when he grew up in Macomb. The lot at 702 E. Adams St. is currently empty but Byron Oden-Shabazz is making big plans for it.

Rich Egger

Activists believe there continue to be healthcare disparities that impact racial and ethnic minorities.

But Byron Oden-Shabazz, intern for the Western Illinois University Center for the Studies of Masculinities and Men’s Development, said studies have shown two-thirds of Americans are unaware of the disparities.

“If we are going to have a healthy healthcare system, we (must) learn how to treat all people,” said Oden-Shabazz.

From guest commentator Byron Oden Shabazz:

As the US Supreme Court deals with President Obama's health care plan, here in western Illinois we are celebrating Minority Health Month as a reminder of our community's -- and the nation's -- commitment to educate all people about the need for comprehensive health care.