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Keokuk Depot Project Reaches Fundraising Milestone

Feb 2, 2018
Janet Smith / Keokuk Union Depot Foundation

The effort to restore the Keokuk Union Depot has crossed a major milestone. The depot'a foundation announced this week that it has exceeded its goal for a capital campaign to restore the building's roof.

Janet Smith / Keokuk Union Depot Foundation

The effort to raise money to pay for the restoration of the Keokuk Union Depot’s roof has reached a milestone. But there is still more work to do before the fundraising is complete.

Fundraising Underway for Burlington Depot Improvements

Dec 16, 2015

Don Traman was glad to see so many people visit Burlington's downtown train depot during a recent open house. The idea behind the event was to showcase plans to renovate the 72-year-old building.

FM Depot Platform to be Built

Oct 10, 2013

Fort Madison will soon begin the final phase of the renovation of the former Santa Fe Depot in Riverview Park.

Keokuk Depot Restoration Continues

Nov 26, 2012

The upcoming winter months will not stop the ongoing work at the former Keokuk Union Depot.

Fort Madison To Appoint Mayor

Apr 6, 2012

The new mayor of Fort Madison could be in place before the end of the month. 

The Fort Madison City Council has decided to appoint someone to replace former Mayor Steve Ireland, as opposed to holding a special election.

Steve Ireland, 53, passed away at Fort Madison Community Hospital last month.

City Manager Byron Smith says the appointment is expected to be made during the city council’s April 17 meeting.  He says the details of the appointment process have not be laid out, but he says interested residents are encouraged to contact City Hall.