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Eric Lenardt

Rich Egger

The McDonough County Communications Board awarded Letters of Recognition to two of the county's emergency dispatchers. Micheal Phelps and Jayson Sams were the two dispatchers on duty the night of the shooting at Western Illinois University.

courtesy of Macomb Police Department

Macomb police said one of the pipeline workers missing since Thursday was captured in Aurora, Colorado, then hanged himself after telling police where his co-worker’s body might be found.

Macomb Police Department

The Macomb Police Department is honoring three Western Illinois University students who tried to rescue a man at Spring Lake.

After Theft Macomb Police Say: Lock Your Doors

Aug 19, 2013
Rich Egger

The Macomb Police Department said there has been a rise in thefts in the past few months. It's recommending residents take precautions after another theft was reported over weekend.

Rich Egger

The Macomb Police Department hopes an arresting graphic design will shoot down the competition.

The department entered photos of its new squad cars in an on-line contest by Law and Order Magazine. The winners will be published in the August issue.

Deputy Chief Eric Lenardt said Macomb's car pay tribute to the department's heritage. He said the badges painted on the cars look just like a Macomb police badge and the yellow on the cars matches the yellow in the department's patch.