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Commentary: We Got This

Oct 7, 2020

A Pagan, a Hindu, a Christian and a Muslim gathered for a leadership meeting of the multifaith ambassadors this past week to discuss our programs.  Sounds like a great line for a joke, but no, this is the great life I lead as a chaplain serving on a campus.  As I see how polarized the world is now with rhetoric of hate and especially distortion and outright ignorant statements about religion and spiritual identities, using my own education in theology, religious studies and pastoral care, I celebrate each time I get to be at an interfaith table in my profession of chaplaining.

Commentary: Faith is...

Apr 24, 2019
Diego Delso/Wikimedia Commons

Everyone has been exposed to the idea or thought of faith, but not everyone gives it a voice.

Who recognizes faith?

Historically, prophets of old, religious and world leaders, intellectuals, theologians, and existentialists -- to name a few -- have notably grappled with this notion as a lifestyle, foundation, and intellectual discourse.

How Do I Live in this World?

Oct 21, 2015
Rachel Chaves

A Bright New Boise by Samuel D. Hunter opened Wednesday at Horrabin Theatre on the WIU campus.  It will run until this Sunday, October 25.