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T.J. Carson

For most high school seniors, the month of May is all about preparing for graduation and the future.  It's also a time to reflect on the past dozen years of school. In Galesburg, those memories include a trip back to the school where their education started.

Summertime Event on Hiatus in Galesburg

May 10, 2017
T.J. Carson

Cafe in the Park has been a Wednesday afternoon summer tradition in Galesburg for decades. It's where someone can enjoy food from local restaurants and live music in an outdoor setting. But organizer Bill Morris said he won’t have time to put on the event this summer.

Getting Ready to Replace Lead Water Lines

May 8, 2017
T.J. Carson

Galesburg aldermen approved a contract with J.C. Dillon of Peoria for $1.7 million to do the first phase of a lead water service line replacement program. The work is scheduled to begin next month.

Hotel Planned for Historic Building in Galesburg

May 8, 2017
T.J. Carson

The Ferris building on Mulberry Street in Galesburg will turn 100 next year. And a real estate developer wants to give it a new use as it enters its second century.

Running for Office for the First Time

Apr 26, 2017

Galesburg voters saw a few new names on this month's ballot.  A couple of the newcomers who did not win said they nonetheless benefited from the experience.

Plans to Privatize Lake Storey Beach Put On Hold

Apr 11, 2017
T.J. Carson

Galesburg aldermen closed the beach's water slide and stopped paying for lifeguards about one year ago in an effort to save money.  Now, with another summer approaching, Tony Oligney-Estill, Director of Parks and Recreation, said two people talked to him about privatizing beach management so it can be reopened.

T.J. Carson

The Illinois Animal Disease Testing Laboratory in Galesburg has  conducted tests on dead animals since 1976.  The testing is done to determine the presence of West Nile virus and other diseases.  But the facility is scheduled to close at the end of April.

Galesburg Writes Checks to Non-Profit Groups

Feb 23, 2017
T.J. Carson

The city of Galesburg gave a total of $92, 858 to be split by 16 local not for profit organizations.  The money comes from the city's economic development fund. The city chose the groups based off of their ability to boost tourism within Galesburg.

Galesburg School Board Makes Budget Cuts

Feb 15, 2017
T.J. Carson

The cuts were approved in separate votes at the board's meeting Monday night.  Board members Wayne Statham and Jean Ann Glasnovich voted against the cuts.  Voting in favor were Tianna Cervantez, Ellen Spittell, Joshua Gibb, and Amy Pickrel.  Board President Bob Lindstrom was not at the meeting.

Western Illinois March for Women

Jan 21, 2017
Rich Egger

Hundreds of people marched through the streets of downtown Galesburg Saturday morning in conjunction with the Women's March in Washington D.C. and similar demonstrations around the globe.

T.J. Carson

Galesburg has released more details about its plan to replace privately-owned lead water service lines.  City Engineer Wayne Carl said the city will start by replacing lines at 500 homes it deems the highest priority:

Galesburg Getting Ready for Road Projects

Jan 19, 2017
T.J. Carson

Construction of the East Main Street underpass is the biggest road project scheduled to begin in Galesburg this year.  But the city plans to tackle plenty of other projects too.

Rich Egger

More than 4.6 million people rode an Amtrak train in Illinois in 2016. Overall ridership on Illinois routes was down about 3.5% from 2015. In Macomb, ridership dropped to about 68,000. 

Longstanding Galesburg Restaurant to Close

Dec 19, 2016
T.J. Carson

The second oldest restaurant in Galesburg will serve its final meal on December 31, 2016. The New China restaurant opened in 1928, starting in a courthouse before moving to its current location at 329 E. Main St. in Galesburg.

A New Use for the Former Maytag Plant in Galesburg

Nov 23, 2016
T.J. Carson

The parking lot at the former Maytag plant in Galesburg will be in use again this week.  BNSF Logistics has agreed to lease the 50-acre property at 1801 Monmouth Blvd. from its owner, Industrial Realty Group, LLC. 

State Workers Protest in Western Illinois

Nov 17, 2016
T.J. Carson

AFSCME members in Galesburg spent their lunch hour on Thursday chanting "What's disgusting? Union busting" and "2, 4, 6, 8, Rauner should negotiate."

Antiques Appraiser Makes Stop in Galesburg

Nov 17, 2016
T.J. Carson

A love of antiques has taken a Wisconsin man to places all over the Midwest as he tells people what he thinks their knick-knacks and heirlooms are worth.

T.J. Carson

The Galesburg Promise was created to help the city's students afford college, but the program itself is in need of a cash infusion. So the city is considering a nearly 2% hike in the hotel-motel tax.

Portions of Historic Galesburg Tree To Be Sold

Oct 26, 2016
T.J. Carson

The city of Galesburg will sell wood from a tree felled by a summer storm.  But this isn't just any old tree -- it's a tree that was older than the city itself.  

T.J. Carson

Galesburg School Superintendent Ralph Grimm said the district is attacking its deficit head on with the hope of eliminating it by 2018.

Galesburg Passes on Armory Renovation Project

Oct 5, 2016
T.J. Carson

After more than a year of discussion and debate over what to do with the closed Armory building in Galesburg, aldermen decided against spending any money on the facility.

Galesburg School Honors Young Student's Memory

Sep 23, 2016
T.J. Carson

The students, faculty, and staff at Galesburg's Steele Elementary School did something this week no one in education ever wants to do. They said goodbye to one of their own.

Galesburg Water's Journey to the Tap

Sep 15, 2016

Galesburg made headlines this year when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency determined the city failed to meet federal standards for lead levels in the drinking water at some residences.  City leaders have consistently said the city's water supply is not to blame -- rather, it is the lead service lines that connect some homes to the city's supply that are contaminating the water.

T.J. Carson

Investigators said the fire early Wednesday morning at the Carver Community Action Agency in Galesburg was set intentionally.

Galesburg Program Helps First-Time Homebuyers

Aug 30, 2016
T.J. Carson

People without much money and/or a poor credit history might find it difficult to buy a home.  A new program in Galesburg gives them a chance to have a place to call their own.

T.J. Carson

Developers Mark and Jeannette Kleine gave $1.5 million to OSF St. Mary's in Galesburg to establish the Kleine Pediatric Wellness Center. The center will be housed inside the OSF Galesburg Clinic. 

UPDATE: Sandburg Mall On the Auction Block

Aug 8, 2016
T.J. Carson

A place where customers can buy a variety of goods in Galesburg was up for sale itself.   The Sandburg Mall was available through an online auction that started Monday and ended on Wednesday, August 10. The auction was run by Ten-X of California, which was accepting an opening bid of no less than $300,000.

T.J. Carson

The plan was revealed during a two-hour session at the Kensington ballroom. People were able to view placards detailing the proposals, and the city wants residents to share their opinions on the ideas.

Black Lives Matter Demonstrators March in Galesburg and Macomb

Jul 11, 2016
TSPR Emily Boyer

Over the weekend, people gathered in several communities across the nation to protest the police killings of African-Americans. Most recently were the deaths of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile St. Paul, Minnesota at the hands of police.  

Around the Region: 4th of July Fireworks

Jul 1, 2016
Western Illinois University

The U.S. celebrates a major holiday this weekend. With the 4th of July falling on a Monday this year, there's some variety on when celebrations are scheduled during the three-day weekend. 

Independence Day is often met with parades, picnics and marching bands. But, the most popular way to celebrate is by lighting up the night's sky with fireworks.

We've compiled a list of the best places to see free fireworks shows in the tri states region this holiday weekend.

West Central Illinois Fireworks shows:

Lewistown Fireworks: