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Black Lives Matter Demonstrators March in Galesburg and Macomb

Jul 11, 2016
TSPR Emily Boyer

Over the weekend, people gathered in several communities across the nation to protest the police killings of African-Americans. Most recently were the deaths of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile St. Paul, Minnesota at the hands of police.  

Around the Region: 4th of July Fireworks

Jul 1, 2016
Western Illinois University

The U.S. celebrates a major holiday this weekend. With the 4th of July falling on a Monday this year, there's some variety on when celebrations are scheduled during the three-day weekend. 

Independence Day is often met with parades, picnics and marching bands. But, the most popular way to celebrate is by lighting up the night's sky with fireworks.

We've compiled a list of the best places to see free fireworks shows in the tri states region this holiday weekend.

West Central Illinois Fireworks shows:

Lewistown Fireworks:

Finding New Uses for Historic Church in Galesburg

Jun 23, 2016
T.J. Carson

One of Galesburg’s historic buildings is in need of repairs, and one local group believes outside-the-box thinking could help fund some of the work.

Battle for the Alley Returns in Galesburg

Jun 13, 2016
Abby Wendle

Railroad Days in Galesburg this year will have more color to it, thanks to the Galesburg Civic Art Center, which will host its second Battle for the Alley street art competition.  It will be held June 25 in Park Plaza.

T.J. Carson

Galesburg’s two-story Armory building on North Broad Street has sat vacant since 2006.  The city held a public open house at the Armory this week to hear community feedback about proposals for ways to use the building going forward. 

Galesburg Honors Teenager's Heroic Act

May 25, 2016
T.J. Carson

An East Galesburg teenager is being hailed for his heroic efforts during what started as a routine day of fishing.  Dalton Sims, 13, received the Citizen Life Saving Award from the city of Galesburg for preventing a two-year-old child from drowning.

Issues and Ale: Getting the Lead Out

May 18, 2016
Heather Norman

There are two main issues regarding lead exposure in Galesburg. First, the city failed to meet Environmental Protection Agency standards for lead levels in water at some residents' homes during testing last fall.  

Galesburg Tap Water Showing Less Lead

May 4, 2016
T.J. Carson

A series of water quality tests in Galesburg last fall revealed that some residents are being exposed to high amounts of lead.  Now a new round of testing at the same 30 homes showed some improvement. 

Rootabaga Showcases the Many Moods of Jazz

Apr 27, 2016
T.J. Carson

The Knox Rootabaga Jazz Festival celebrated its 36th edition this year. And it used the opportunity to showcase styles that you might not immediately consider when you think of jazz.

T.J. Carson

Federal regulators suggested the city provide bottled water or filters to residents affected by high levels of lead in their drinking water.  The U.S Environmental Protection Agency also urged the city to pay for testing of lead for all water customers who request it.

Galesburg Leaders Address Lead Response

Apr 21, 2016
City of Galesburg

Galesburg's mayor believes city leaders have done what has been asked of them regarding lead in the tap water supply.

T.J. Carson

A Galesburg student's crusade against bullying in her school has led to national recognition for her efforts. Katie Dunbar is the creator of the “Take A Stand Club” at Lombard Middle School.

Knox County Economic Group Lays Out Four-Year Plan

Apr 12, 2016
T.J. Carson

Now in its second year, the Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development is ready to move forward with a plan to boost the local economy.

Tainted at the Tap – Galesburg

Apr 10, 2016
City of Galesburg

This railroad town promotes its ties to Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and the poet Carl Sandburg. But Galesburg's long history also shows in a hidden way: Aging pipes have been leaking lead into the drinking water for decades.

Seven Arrested in Tinkham Case Plead Not Guilty

Apr 6, 2016
T.J. Carson

The seven people accused in the death of 19-year-old Dakota Tinkham of Galesburg were back in court Tuesday.  Each pleaded not guilty and they each asked for a jury trial.

Alderman Brings Time Bank to Galesburg

Mar 31, 2016
T.J. Carson

A new concept starting in Galesburg allows people in the city and surrounding communities to receive services that they need. All it will cost them is a bit of their time providing a service to someone else.

Galesburg Projects Funded with New Revenues

Mar 22, 2016
T.J. Carson

Infrastructure projects planned for this year in Galesburg share a common thread: they’re being funded with a new revenue source for the city.

Galesburg Gamble on Land Pays Off

Mar 8, 2016
Rich Egger

Galesburg aldermen came out on top after gambling on whether more money could be raised through renting land the city owns near Knoxville.

T.J. Carson

A major road project in Galesburg that's been delayed several times is being pushed back again.  Construction of the East Main Street underpass was supposed to begin last summer, but bid openings have been postponed several times and were pushed back again this week.

T.J. Carson

The current city budget for Galesburg went into effect just a couple months ago, yet aldermen are already starting the process of creating the next spending plan.  And they have already encountered a difficult issue.

T.J. Carson

The new head of the Galesburg NAACP chapter intends to emphasize the need to lead young people in the  community.

Galesburg Borrowing to Pay for Street Projects

Jan 22, 2016
T.J. Carson

Galesburg aldermen voted in favor of a $10 million bond issue so the city can catch up on a  backlog of road and bridge projects throughout town.

T.J. Carson

One of the new co-owners of the former Elks Club building in downtown Galesburg envisions turning it into a hub for music in the city.

Galesburg City Appeal Court Created

Dec 23, 2015
T.J. Carson

Galesburg residents will soon be able to take cases against them straight to the city.  Aldermen this week approved creation of an administrative adjudication system for appeals of ordinance violations.

Railroad Museum Increasing Exhibit Space

Dec 22, 2015
T.J. Carson

Galesburg’s Railroad Museum is on track to show off more of its collection next year.  The museum is remodeling its building to provide around 100 square feet of extra display space. 

Galesburg Aldermen Approve 2016 Budget

Dec 8, 2015
T.J. Carson

Galesburg's financial plan is set for 2016. But the mayor has some concerns as he looks ahead to the future.

Knox County YMCA Looks to Expand Downtown

Dec 1, 2015
T.J. Carson

The Knox County YMCA is experiencing an all-time membership high with about 8,400 members.  CEO Adam Sampson said the Y is growing larger than what it's locations at Carl Sandburg Drive in Galesburg and in Knoxville can handle.

Events Center Possible for Galesburg

Oct 22, 2015
T.J. Carson

Galesburg has commissioned a study to determine two things: whether the city could support an events center, and whether the vacant Armory on Broad Street could serve that purpose.

Parking Studied in Galesburg, Burlington

Oct 15, 2015
Jason Parrott / TSPR

A downtown district's success depends a lot on whether people can easily access its retail shops and restaurants. A couple local cities are taking steps to make sure anyone who wants to visit their downtown districts can find a place to park.

Chelsea Castillo Macek

A new photo exhibit strives to demonstrate the great diversity in Galesburg's immigrant population.