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John Pritchard

Deborah Moreno

One issue on top of Galesburg voters' minds is a proposed $26 million Lake Storey expansion project. A Phase One feasibility study, released in December, outlined expanding the lake to four times its current size and building new homes. 

Rich Egger

Hundreds of people turned out Wednesday morning for a ceremony to mark the opening of the East Main Street underpass.  It will allow emergency vehicles and other drivers to get around that part of town without being stopped by trains.

T.J. Carson

The Galesburg Promise was created to help the city's students afford college, but the program itself is in need of a cash infusion. So the city is considering a nearly 2% hike in the hotel-motel tax.

Galesburg Leaders Address Lead Response

Apr 21, 2016
City of Galesburg

Galesburg's mayor believes city leaders have done what has been asked of them regarding lead in the tap water supply.

T.J. Carson

At least 50 people attended the forum at the Boys and Girls Club. 

Galesburg Breaks Ground on Transportation Projects

Nov 21, 2014
T.J. Carson

Two projects are underway to help transportation in Galesburg.

A New Plan for Galesburg Economic Development

May 7, 2014
Rich Egger

Aldermen agreed to form a new partnership with the Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association (GREDA).

New Revenue and Cuts Possible in Galesburg's Budget

Oct 29, 2013

Galesburg’s Mayor says he open to possible tax increases as well as the staff cuts that have already been proposed, in order to balance the city’s budget.