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Keith Boeckelman

Rich Egger

With less than a month left before the election, many political candidates are taking the stage with their opponent as part of candidate forums and debates where they share their perspective on the issues and answer questions. 

IL Farm Bureau Against Splitting Farm Bill

Jul 8, 2013

After a new five year farm bill failed in the US house of representatives, some lawmakers have suggested splitting the large multi hundred billion dollar piece of legislation into two separate bills.

WIU Profs Say Sequester will Hit the State Hard

Mar 22, 2013
Rich Egger

A couple of experts believe the federal spending cuts known as the sequester will hit Illinois “harder than average.”

Although the Occupy Wall Street movement is not involved in conventional campaigning, a political expert says it could have a dramatic effect on a second Obama administration.

Keith Boeckelman is chair of the political science department at Western Illinois University.

He says the president had to toe a moderate line after Republicans took control of the House of  Representatives and the Tea Party movement played a major part in House politics.