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Knox County announced the formation of a Violent Crime Task Force less than a week ago, and the group is already yielding results.

Knox County is forming a task force to address a drastic uptick in violent crimes this year.

FEMA Assessing Flood Damage in Western Illinois

Aug 15, 2019

Representatives of FEMA are touring western Illinois to determine if portions of the region qualify for a federal disaster declaration. They are finding homes and businesses with significant damage after months of severe weather and flooding.

T.J. Carson

Knox County is asking voters to create a new tax to help pay for local mental health care services.

Winery Project Moves Forward After Lawsuit Dropped

Aug 24, 2016

The people who want to build a winery in Knox County were prepared to go to court in a battle over the proposed location of their business.  Instead they reached agreement with Knox County on a different site.

Issues and Ale: Getting the Lead Out

May 18, 2016
Heather Norman

There are two main issues regarding lead exposure in Galesburg. First, the city failed to meet Environmental Protection Agency standards for lead levels in water at some residents' homes during testing last fall.  

Knox County Economic Group Lays Out Four-Year Plan

Apr 12, 2016
T.J. Carson

Now in its second year, the Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development is ready to move forward with a plan to boost the local economy.

T.J. Carson

Citing the decreasing chances he could close the gap, Jeremy Karlin conceded his bid to be Knox County State’s Attorney.

Knox County Using Trash Cash for Courthouse

Mar 1, 2016
T.J. Carson

Knox County is using its landfill to try and kickstart long overdue repairs at its courthouse. The county board agreed during its February meeting to transfer funds from its landfill fund to fund repairs at the courthouse.

Knox County Discusses Budget Solutions

Jan 8, 2016
T.J. Carson

Informal discussions started this week among members of the Knox County Board’s Finance Committee to plan for another potentially difficult budget year.

Knox County 911 Makes Switch

Nov 3, 2015
T.J. Carson

Knox County's 911 system has moved into the digital age.  Sheriff David Clague called it a "huge step" forward as the emergency dispatch system was switched from analog to digital.

Not Much Time Left to Balance Knox County Budget

Nov 3, 2015
T.J. Carson

This week, the county board’s budget committee will continue to try and look for ways to eliminate a budget deficit that has been whittled down from $1.2-million to $220,000.

Knox County Fair Coping with Revenue Losses

Jul 15, 2015
T.J. Carson

The county fair is a staple of summertime in Illinois. A family can spend an evening at the fair and enjoy a variety of attractions and activities: tractor pulls, carnivals, harness racing, and more.

4-H Fair Teaches More Than Just Farm Skills

Jul 14, 2015
T.J. Carson

Local 4-H clubs can be a way for children to apply skills learned on the farm. The clubs also teach skills children can use in other aspects of their lives.

Karlin Declares Candidacy for State's Attorney

Jul 8, 2015
T.J. Carson

A Galesburg alderman is promising a better qualify life and enhanced public safety as he launches a campaign to be Knox County State's Attorney.  Jeremy Karlin announced his candidacy in front of around 25 supporters outsie the Knox County Courthouse.

Hiring Freeze in Knox County

Jun 25, 2015
T.J. Carson

Knox County leaders are taking a new approach when it comes to reducing the county's general fund deficit.  Members of the county board voted, this week, to implement a hiring freeze for the next six months.

Knox Co. Health Department Receives Federal Grant

Mar 31, 2015
T.J. Carson

The Knox County Health Department was awarded a $1-million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It will help fund the department’s community health center, as well as general and dental health services.

Galesburg Food Pantry Needs Help

Jan 6, 2015
T.J. Carson

The holiday season centers around the spirit of giving and assisting those in need. The Fish Food Pantry does that by providing food to Knox County families in need.

Blind Draw Decides New Knox County Board Chairman

Dec 2, 2014
T.J. Carson

Board members could not choose a new chairman through votes. So they used a hat to help decide.

Knox County Board Chairman Stepping Down

Nov 28, 2014
T.J. Carson

Change is coming to the Knox County Board.

Knox County Push for 911 Sales Tax Referendum Again

Oct 31, 2014
T.J. Carson

Knox County voters will be asked a second time on Election Day if they want to raise the sales tax by 0.25%.

Galesburg NAACP Highlights Local Candidates

Oct 18, 2014
T.J. Carson

Candidates for office in Knox County met with voters this week, in a forum hosted by the Galesburg NAACP.

Knox Co. Names New Public Defender

Oct 15, 2014
T.J. Carson

The county's former Assistant State's Attorney, Dave Hansen will be taking over the role of public defender December 1.

Knox County Moving Money to Balance Budget

Oct 3, 2014

Knox County, Ill. may use some financial maneuvering to balance a critical part of its next budget.

The county's general fund appears to be running a deficit of around $668,000 for the upcoming fiscal year.

The finance committee has discussed to transfer money from the county’s contingency fund to close the gap.

Treasurer Robin Davis said the contingency fund has enough money that it would still carry a surplus of around $18,000 after the six-figure transfer.

Budget Process Underway in Knox County

Sep 29, 2014
T.J. Carson

Knox County leaders are working to balance the county's budget for the next fiscal year.

The preliminary budget shows a deficit of about $668,000 in the general fund.

The county has estimates of $10,909,678 in expenditures, and $10,241,438 in revenues.

Treasure Robin Davis says numerous factors contributed to the deficit.

“Fines and fees are decreasing, property taxes are probably going to go down, and expenditures are continuing to go up.”

A United Front for Knox County Referendum

Sep 16, 2014
TJ Carson

Supporters of a proposed public safety tax in Knox County are using a “team approach” this time around.

Proposed Marijuana Growing Facility in Knox County

Sep 14, 2014
Wiki Commons

A medical marijuana cultivation center in Galesburg would initially employ 35 people.

Knox County Veterans Eligible for Discounts

Aug 26, 2014
Kim Hill / Flickr Creative Commons

Veterans in Knox County can now enroll in a free program to receive discounts at area businesses. 

Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr Creative Commons

Knox County is turning to some of its longest serving employees to help it save money.

Knox County Historical Museum

The Knox County Historical Museum is marking the 100-year anniversary of the passenger pigeon’s disappearance from the planet.