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Macomb Police Department

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

Macomb police said they arrested one person as part of what they called an undercover online investigation targeting people who use the internet to prey on children.

Courtesy of Macomb Police Department

Former Macomb Police Sgt. Bill Thorpe died at his home in Macomb on Monday, October 21. He was 86.

Macomb Police to Restart K-9 Program

Apr 25, 2019
Emily Boyer / Tri States Public Radio

The Macomb Police Department has gone without a K-9 unit for more than a year following the early passing of the previous police dog. Police Chief Curt Barker told Tri States Public Radio it's time to restart the program.

Tuesday nights are generally pretty quiet in Macomb.  But this week was an exception as police raided a house near the Western Illinois University campus.

Rich Egger

Police Chief Curt Barker said it appears Larry Ruthe, 80, shot his wife, Betty Ruthe, 79, in their home at 322 N. Edwards St. and then took his own life.

20 western Illinois residents were arrested on meth-related charges as part of a six-month investigation authorities are calling Operation Iced Out. The investigation was carried out by the Macomb-McDonough County Drug Unit, which includes members from the Macomb Police Department, the Bushnell Police Department, the McDonough County Sheriff's Department, and the Western Illinois University Office of Public Safety.

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

The Macomb Police Department called in the Illinois Secretary of State Bomb Squad for back up on Friday following a trespassing incident at a local retirement community. 

McDonough County Jail

The owner of Macomb Pet Land, Jessica Spangler, faces charges of aggravated cruelty to animals after the Macomb Police Department found 41 deceased animals inside her store and removed 56 neglected animals from the site.

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

Macomb police arrested three people for operating what Lieutenant Lindsey May called "the Amazon of drugs" in Macomb.  Police said one of the suspects was taken into custody at his class at Western Illinois University.

TSPR's Emily Boyer

UPDATE: The Macomb Police Department has made two arrests following a report of gun shots fired over the weekend near the campus of Western Illinois University.

Macomb Police Look to Curb Distracted Driving

Jun 14, 2017
TSPR Emily Boyer

The Macomb Police Department said more people are getting hurt in car crashes despite a decline in the overall number of vehicular accidents. So the department is stepping up traffic enforcement in an effort to make the city's roads safer.

Rich Egger

Bonnie Skripps, President of the Humane Society of McDonough County, said the group does fundraising "all the time." The organization decided to use some of the cash it raised to buy infrared thermometers for law enforcement agencies in the county.

Rich Egger

Macomb police said they arrested three people who were operating a meth lab from an apartment on the courthouse square. 

Rich Egger

The Macomb Police Department held a wreath-laying ceremony to remember its four officers felled by injuries suffered while on the job.  The ceremony coincided with the 85th anniversary of three of those deaths.

The Forensic Tool That Put Zetterlund Behind Bars

Jun 11, 2015
Photo courtesy of Cellebrite

The Aaron Zetterlund trial came to a close in early June when the 24 year old Keokuk man received a six-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman during a house party in Macomb. The evidence against Zetterlund included photos and videos of the assault taking place.

Ken Thermon

Residents of the 500 block of North Johnson Street awoke to the sound and sight of numerous law enforcement agencies busting a meth making operation.

Former Police Officer to Serve Jail Time

Apr 30, 2015
Rich Egger

Former Macomb Police Officer Bill Kennedy of Blandinsville has been sentenced to 180 days in the McDonough County Jail. He also had to pay about $20,000 in restitution and court fees.

Kennedy, age 35, pleaded guilty to a Class 3 Felony charge of theft under $300.

Rich Egger

After a nine month investigation, prosecutors decided against pursuing charges in the death of Ramone Doyle.

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

Macomb police said they pulled over the driver of a car who seemed to be having trouble finding her way around the downtown area early Wednesday.

Duo Arrested in Macomb for Receiving Drugs via Mail

Sep 10, 2014
TSPR's Emily Boyer

Macomb police said Trae Kirk, 21, of Aurora and Brandyn Gray, 21, of Prospect Heights had drugs mailed to them from the west coast through the U.S. Postal Service.

TSPR's Rich Egger

Bill Kennedy's court hearing Monday was pushed back until October 22 . He's  charged with forgery and state benefits fraud.

UPDATE: Protesting Sexist Signs at WIU

Aug 19, 2014

Some members of the Macomb community plan to protest if "disgusting" signs show up as students return to Western Illinois University this week.

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

Macomb Patrol Officer Bill Kennedy is charged with Forgery and State Benefit Fraud.

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

Macomb police said three more people face charges for making methamphetamine in the Macomb area.

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

Six more people are in custody as part of an investigation into the sale of heroin in western Illinois.

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

The man charged in Macomb for a hoax 911 phone call last year has been arrested again.

Search for Pipeliner’s Body Continues

Mar 5, 2014
courtesy of Macomb Police Department

Police spent the past couple days searching a landfill north of Macomb and several dumpsters along the right-of-way to the Flanagan South pipeline project, but to no avail.

courtesy of Macomb Police Department

Macomb police said one of the pipeline workers missing since Thursday was captured in Aurora, Colorado, then hanged himself after telling police where his co-worker’s body might be found.

courtesy of Macomb Police Department

Two men who were living in Macomb while working on construction of the Flanagan South oil pipeline have been reported missing.

Rich Egger

The preliminary opinion from a forensic autopsy conducted on a Macomb man found his injuries are “…consistent with a cause of death of strangulation.”