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Music Collective Brings DIY Scene to Galesburg

Jun 19, 2019
Courtesy of Veronica Mullen, V Mullen Media

When Soleil Smith came to Knox College in Galesburg, she expected she would have to drive hours to see live music. So she was pleasantly surprised to find posters around town advertising DIY punk shows at the Glory Days Barber Shop.

Rich Egger

When the Western Illinois University Wind Ensemble takes to the stage during the university’s 32nd annual Showcase of Bands, it will perform a piece never before played for an audience in Illinois.  The symphony will take listeners through a story of love and loss, grief and healing.

Please Join TSPR Friends and Staff at the Stand with TSPR Party!

As Jeff Holtz, TSPR’s Jazz deejay recently said, "Friday, March 1 is public radio’s first day out in the rain and snow, without the sheltering comfort of the maternal WIU umbrella; so naturally, we’re having a party.”

Join us Friday, March 1st at 7pm for a concert by our friends Sally Weisenburg and Don Berbaum at the Tri States Public Radio Station, 320 W. University Dr, Macomb. Admission to the concert is a donation at the door.

Phantom Regiment Happy with Spring Training at WIU

Jun 8, 2018
Jonathan Ahl

The Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps trained at Western Illinois University for three weeks this spring. They are leaving for their summer tour with positive thoughts about Macomb, a community that wants them back next year.  

Courtesy photo

Only around 200 institutions in the world can boast of being an All Steinway School. The School of Music at Western Illinois University intends to join that select group.

Western Illinois University

Over the course of 4 days in November, 144 of the best flutists in the world came to Chicago to audition for the second flute position with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. John McMurtery auditioned and was chosen to be one of five finalists.

T.J. Carson

One of the new co-owners of the former Elks Club building in downtown Galesburg envisions turning it into a hub for music in the city.

WVIK Staff

A museum for a legendary jazz musician will be created in the Quad Cities.  The Bix Beiderbecke Museum and World Archives group has announced its plan for the first-ever Bix Museum, located at the River Music Experience in Davenport.

Ukulele Macomb

Musician Kimo Hussey will hold a concert and two workshops as part of the second annual Ukulele Festival in Macomb, Saturday, June 6.  It’s being hosted by Ukulele Macomb and the Western Illinois Museum.

Bad Kitty Roars

Dec 11, 2014
There are at least 3,600 bad kitties in the record shop.
Abby Wendle

The record shop just off the square in Macomb is closing after three years of business. John Gorlewski is packing up his vinyl and moving with his family to another college town in Connecticut. 

WIU Professor Writes Opera on Children's Book

Dec 9, 2014
The University of Florida

Many contemporary composers choose to write an opera about current events and to make a political statement.

Rich Egger

A veteran of the music industry said artists must spend time taking care of business if they want to succeed in the industry.

Rich Egger

John Draws is making a lot of noise – literally and figuratively – with three-string guitars made from cigar boxes and other bits and pieces.

Chuck Mitchell

For 35 years a historic riverboat captain’s house in Keokuk has been sheltering a true veteran of the 1960’s folk music movement.

Iron Orchard releases new album

Feb 17, 2014

The members of the Macomb-based band “Iron Orchard” describe themselves as middle-aged guys with day jobs that play because they love it.

Music for Laptop Ensemble

Nov 11, 2013
Jonathan Ahl

Laptop computers, tablets and smart phones have all made it possible to perform regular activities in new ways. 

Abby Rhodes

More than 200 student musicians from Western Illinois University’s Bands are headed to Brazil this spring. 

Neal Golden

The husband-wife folk duo of Kagey Parrish and Laura Wortman, known as The Honey Dewdrops, are living an old-style vagabond musician lifestyle. They have been on the road nearly non-stop for more than five years playing coffee shops, house concerts, folk festivals and even A Prairie Home Companion.

Song Premiere: The Avett Brothers, 'Another is Waiting'

Aug 9, 2013
Courtesy of the artist

It hasn't even been 11 full months since The Avett Brothers released The Carpenter, the North Carolina band's most recent collection of poignant and infectious, bluegrass-inflected folk-rock. And, given the lengthy touring cycle that each major album release generally spawns- the Avetts of last month's Newport Folk Festival with songs from The Carpenter- fans had no reason to expect new music this year.