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Peter Schwartzman

Looking Ahead with Galesburg's Mayor-Elect

Apr 28, 2021
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Galesburg Mayor-elect Peter Schwartzman will be sworn in on Monday, May 3. Tri States Public Radio talked to Schwartzman about his plans for leading the city.  

Deborah Moreno

One issue on top of Galesburg voters' minds is a proposed $26 million Lake Storey expansion project. A Phase One feasibility study, released in December, outlined expanding the lake to four times its current size and building new homes. 

Alderman Brings Time Bank to Galesburg

Mar 31, 2016
T.J. Carson

A new concept starting in Galesburg allows people in the city and surrounding communities to receive services that they need. All it will cost them is a bit of their time providing a service to someone else.

Professor vs Fireman in Galesburg Ward 5

Mar 17, 2015
Rich Egger

One of the contested races for the Galesburg City Council next month will be in an area that includes the city’s downtown. Incumbent Peter Schwartzman will face a challenge from Ted Hoffman in Ward 5. 

New Revenue and Cuts Possible in Galesburg's Budget

Oct 29, 2013

Galesburg’s Mayor says he open to possible tax increases as well as the staff cuts that have already been proposed, in order to balance the city’s budget.

Job Cuts Still Possible in Galesburg

Oct 15, 2013

After weighing its options, the City of Galesburg may still cut jobs.

Possible Gas Tax Hike in Galesburg

Sep 26, 2013

Galesburg may hike its gasoline tax to pay for road and infrastructure repairs. The Galesburg Chamber of Commerce is reaching out to see what the public thinks with an email survey.

Dr. Peter Schwartzman shared his optimistic view of a future without fossil fueled energy as the keynote speaker at Western Illinois University's 9th annual Environmental Summit.

He said local activism is contributing to the popularity of renewable energy alternatives.

He said, “There are opportunities all around us. We have roofs that don't have solar panels. We have fields of growing food that could easily take on a wind turbine with marginal loss of production.”