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Ralph Grimm

The Illinois State Board of Education has unveiled a new labeling system for schools, with roughly 550 Illinois schools now being tagged "under-performing," and another 200 called "lowest performing."

T.J. Carson

Superintendents in western Illinois pleaded with the public last year to reach out to legislators and urge them to pass a budget and fund K-12 schools. They sounded the call again as the deadline to pass a budget this year approaches.

Galesburg School Board Makes Budget Cuts

Feb 15, 2017
T.J. Carson

The cuts were approved in separate votes at the board's meeting Monday night.  Board members Wayne Statham and Jean Ann Glasnovich voted against the cuts.  Voting in favor were Tianna Cervantez, Ellen Spittell, Joshua Gibb, and Amy Pickrel.  Board President Bob Lindstrom was not at the meeting.

Leaders Leaving the Galesburg School District

Feb 1, 2017
T.J. Carson

Superintendent Ralph Grimm announced he will retired June 30, and the two longest-serving members of the school board have removed their names from the ballot for this spring's elections.

T.J. Carson

Galesburg School Superintendent Ralph Grimm said the district is attacking its deficit head on with the hope of eliminating it by 2018.

School Superintendents Warn of Bleak Futures

May 20, 2016
T.J. Carson

School districts across Illinois are worried about whether they will receive state funding for  next school year.  They say without the state support, teachers and other employees could lose their jobs, programs could be cut, and some schools might close their doors.

Galesburg School District Finalizes Cuts to Budget

Feb 26, 2016
T.J. Carson

Members of the community pleaded to Galesburg School Board members for 75 minutes Wednesday night to reconsider cuts to personnel and programs.  But it was to no avail as the board moved ahead with the cuts.

T.J. Carson

Galesburg School Board member Wayne Statham told a crowded room of community members Tuesday night how difficult it will be to make cuts in the district. He told them how one of the positions up for elimination belongs to a friend -- someone he had over to his house this past Christmas season.

Job Losses Looming in Galesburg School District

Dec 15, 2015
T.J. Carson

Superintendent Ralph Grimm's budget reduction committee spent the past few months working to come up with recommendations for the Board of Education.  Grimm this week shared the committee's findings with the board.

Galesburg Budget Committee Gets Underway

Oct 19, 2015
T.J. Carson

The second time was the charm for a committee dedicated to reducing a $2 million dollar deficit in the Galesburg School District.

T.J. Carson

The Galesburg School District hoped a new budget reduction committee would eliminate around $2 million to help balance its books. But now it will have to take a new approach.

Committee Approach to Galesburg School Deficit

Aug 13, 2015
T.J. Carson

The head of the Galesburg School District wants to hear some new ideas when it comes to solving the district’s financial challenges. Galesburg is projecting a $2.6-million shortfall in the budget for the 2015/2016 school year.

Grimm Eager to Start at Galesburg School District

Mar 21, 2015
T.J. Carson

The next superintendent of the Galesburg School District considers the district a “diamond in the rough.” Ralph Grimm, the current superintendent of the West Central School District in Henderson County, will replace the retiring Bart Arthur on July 1.

Galesburg Selects Next School Superintendent

Mar 11, 2015
T.J. Carson

The Galesburg School District has selected Ralph Grimm to be its next Superintendent.  Grimm is no stranger to the region, having led the West Central School District in Henderson County for the last ten years.