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Schuyler-Industry School District

Rich Egger

The idea of starting a new agriculture education program appealed to Wyatt McGrew.  Now he will get a chance to build a program from the ground up in the Macomb School District beginning in August.

Schuyler-Industry School Superintendent  Mat Plater says lawmakers have not been up-front with some of the cuts made to education funding. Schools are getting less money even though the budget line for General State Aid has not changed.

He says, “They found a quieter, more politically-correct way to reduce that. You don't hear anybody talking about reducing the foundation level anymore. They're just not appropriating enough dollars to pay at that level so it automatically gets reduced.”

School Districts Deal with Budget Uncertainty

Aug 2, 2012

School districts in Illinois are finding different ways to deal with the uncertainty over state funding and how it will pay for teachers' pensions in the future.

The Schuyler-Industry district has found one-year labor contracts to be one strategy.

Superintendent Mat Plater says the school board and the teachers union find it to be fair to both sides.

He says, “We didn't want to tie or punish either side by committing to something longer term knowing that the state might make some changes.”

High school teachers in the Schuyler-Industry School District will soon embark on a year-long assignment.

It's tied to the district's plans to begin a one-to-one program in the Fall of 2013. Every high school student will be provided with either a lap-top or tablet. The district is still deciding which device to use.

Superintendent Mat Plater said before the devices can be used by students, teachers must get comfortable with them and learn how to best use them in the classroom.