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Tri States Public Radio's weekly round table discussion of media related issues featuring News Director Rich Egger and fellow panelists Jasmine Crighton, News Coordinator for the Western Illinois University Department of Broadcasting, and Jonathan Ahl, General Manager for TSPR.

The correspondent seen most frequently on the network TV evening newscasts last year was the chief meteorologist for ABC.>The Associated Press reported that in the past five years, the evening newscasts just about doubled the amount of time spent on stories about weather and natural disasters.

Shop Talk panelist Jasmine Crighton said people are attracted to weather-related stories, even if the story has no impact on their lives.  She said that might explain why more of those stories are showing up on the network newscasts.

Reporter Joseph Hosey will not be forced to reveal the source of a leak in a northern Illinois murder case.

The Associated Press reported appellate court judges reversed a lower-court ruling that ordered Hosey to name his source.

The McDonough County Health Department told reporters they would need to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain information about why the agency temporarily closed a restaurant in Macomb.

The gutting of newsroom staffs had a negative impact on local coverage of the fall elections.

That’s a conclusion from the article “A Big Election With Little Local Journalism” by David Sirota on the creators.com website.  He asks, “What if you held an election and nobody showed up to cover it? Americans have now discovered the answer: You get an election with lots of paid ads, but with little journalism, context or objective facts.”

Sexual abuse allegations have been made against show business legend Bill Cosby for more than a decade, yet little has been reported until recently.

The website Governing recently profiled the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, which, as the site reported, is covering local and state government “from an unabashedly ideological perspective.”

A young reporter was recently told to look in the mailbox of a home where news was happening to find out who lived there.

Western Courier Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Stewart came under fire on social media for reporting on a car crash that killed three young adults.

The Chicago Sun-Times recently ran a story critical of Bruce Rauner, the Republican nominee for Illinois governor.  Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney said he and others spent a month working on the story, which was cleared by the newspaper’s legal department.

Reporters who’ve asked to see public documents related to the police shooting in Ferguson, MO, are being asked to pay ridiculous amounts of money for the records.

NBC reportedly made a serious pitch to comedian Jon Stewart to host Meet the Press, its long-running Sunday morning news interview program.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss a Gallup poll that shows trust in mass media reporting is at an all-time low.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss the troubling trend of the White House trying to control the stories written by journalists.

The panelists discuss the poor treatment student journalists sometimes receive from news makers, and how it’s symptomatic of a larger problem.

The Shop Talk panelists talk about political websites that are made to look like news sites.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss why they think the job is becoming more dangerous for foreign correspondents.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss whether audiences still need local stations for getting national news from networks.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss why they think it’s wrong to impose story quotas in newsrooms.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss attempts to prevent reporters from covering the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss the challenges of teaching journalism at a time when the media landscape is rapidly changing.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss the demise of NPR’s Tell Me More and whether it’s an indicator of the lack of diversity in media.

The Shop Talk panelists debate whether Twitter should be used simply as a “play-by-play” tool during live events.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss whether it’s okay for journalists to make extra money by serving as a paid spokesperson for products.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss an accurate yet misleading photo used by the PJ Star during this year’s state basketball playoffs.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss examples of bad judgment by reporters using social media.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss why audiences claim to desire serious news but usually seek out lighter fare.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss the general quality of television news reporting.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss a decision made by a student newspaper after a mass murder in its community.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss the sometimes difficult decisions that must be made when covering stories.