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Reforms include required implicit bias training for medical professionals.

Before Vallena Adkinson’s 35-year-old daughter Helen Heath died in March from complications of the autoimmune disease lupus, Adkinson spent years navigating a health care system she said treated her daughter poorly because she was Black.

Past Housing Policies, Practices Contribute to Iowa's Racial Homeownership, Wealth Gaps

Jan 11, 2021
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White Iowans own their homes at nearly three times the rate of Black Iowans, one of the biggest racial homeownership gaps in the country. Nationally, this gap is wider than it was 50 years ago, because discriminatory housing policies and practices of the past and present are still hurting Black families and their ability to build generational wealth.

Experts Testify About Systemic Racism in Illinois Home Loan, Banking Industries

Oct 22, 2020

In Illinois and around the country, an increasing number of universities, investigators, and researchers are turning up evidence of systemic racism in the financial sector that has plagued Black Americans for decades.

Statues of two former Illinois leaders with ties to slavery will be removed from outside the state capitol building in Springfield.

Rich Egger

Macomb Mayor Mike Inman visited the Tri States Public Radio studios to talk about two of society's biggest issues of 2020: the COVID-19 pandemic and systemic racism.


It was only a matter a time before recent events caused someone to focus in on Illinois State Capitol statues dedicated to those with racist pasts.  Now, House Speaker Michael Madigan is calling for the removal of two statues sitting outside the State Capitol and a portrait inside the chamber of the Illinois House.

Western Illinois University Interim President Martin Abraham is not mincing words when it comes to systemic racism in Macomb.

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This year's Juneteenth celebration in Macomb included another Black Lives Matter demonstration along the north end of Chandler Park. Food and beverages were also available as people gathered in the park for the late afternoon event.

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Communities throughout the region have held demonstrations in response to the killing of George Floyd. In Macomb, the protests have been taking place several days a week.