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Tim Wondra

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It appears the Fort Madison School District will be in the market for a new superintendent.

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The head of the Fort School Board said a lengthy, private evaluation of Superintendent Erin Slater could soon be completed. But it remains to be seen when the board might consider a possible contract extension for Dr. Slater.

The Fort Madison School Board voted Wednesday night to table a possible extension of Superintendent Erin Slater's contract. President Tim Wondra said the board needed more time to evaluate Slater's performance.


The Fort Madison School District will again try to garner voter support for a bond referendum to pay for the construction of a new elementary school. This latest attempt will look slightly different than the three previous unsuccessful attempts.

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The President of the Fort Madison School Board is weighing in on the "senior prank" at the high school over the weekend. He said he expected better from the students involved.

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Six people are running for three seats on the Fort Madison School Board during the Sept. 12 election. Tri States Public Radio spoke with each of the candidates about why they entered the race and some of their plans if elected, including Tim Wondra.