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TSPR Listening Sessions: We Will Listen... To You

This spring, Tri States Public Radio hosted a series of community listening sessions.

These were an opportunity to share your thoughts with us- What do you think of Tri States Public Radio? Are there issues in your community you do not feel are covered by the media? How do you think TSPR could help improve your community? Join us for conversation and refreshments at any of the time and locations listed below.

You talked, we listened... but, we're still in the process of compiling our notes from the last two sessions so be sure to check back and see what listeners in your community had to say during these sessions.

Thank you to all of you that participated in these sessions, and we always welcome comments from anyone that was unable to attend a session in person. Those that were in attendance and that may have further thoughts that you think we should hear should also feel welcome to contact us via the email link below.

On Thursday May 7th, we held our final listening session in Macomb, IL. The listening session was attended by 8 Tri States Public Radio Staff members and 8 members of the Macomb community. The session was moderated by General Manager Jonathan Ahl, and opened with a brief presentation on Tri States Public Radio and introductions of staff members present. After the station presentation the participants were asked a number of questions:

  1. What would you like to tell us about your community?
  2. What are the major issues facing your community?
  3. What can we at TSPR do to better cover these issues?
  4. Is TSPR meeting the cultural needs of your community/how can we do better?

A PDF of the Macomb Listening Session can be downloaded here. If you would like to add any additional information you feel is important for us to know about Burlington please feel free to e-mail publicradio@wiu.edu or call 800-895-2912.

-A PDF of the Galesburg Listening Session can be downloaded here. 

-A PDF of the Burlington Listening Session can be downloaded here. 

-A PDF of the March 28th Monmouth Listening session can be downloaded here. 

-A PDF of the March 24th Keokuk Listening session can be downloaded here.

-A PDF of the March 12th Fort Madison Listening session can be downloaded here.