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Burlington Technology Plan Approved


Keeping up with new technology could require the Burlington School District to do more than just purchase equipment.

The school board unanimously approved the district’s latest technology plan.

The 12-page document focuses on hardware, content, access, professional development and support.

Superintendent Jane Evans says the district has consistently worked to add and/or upgrade its technology at each building.

She says that will require a review of Burlington’s staffing levels to see if additional employees are needed in the area of technology support.

The plan calls for the district to develop new technology-related policies.

They include a five-year plan for equipment rotation, strategies for adding technology to more classes and methods for addressing social networks and explicit text messages.

Evans says money will dictate how the district addresses technology in the future.



The Burlington School District is open to the idea of pay raises for its teachers.

The raises would not be to the level sought by the Burlington Education Association.

The district’s initial contract offer calls for no increase in the base pay for new teachers, keeping it at just over $30,000.

There would be standard increases, though, based on experience and/or education.

By contrast, the BEA is seeking a nearly $1,400 increase in the base pay, in addition to the corresponding raises.

The proposal would give teachers less prep time before and/or after school and could require them to maintain normal hours even if school starts late or dismisses early.

The district also wants to eliminate insurance plans for employees plus one individual.

The two sides can now continue negotiations behind closed doors.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.