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District Will Switch to Sales Tax Revenue for New Building

The Monmouth-Roseville School District originally planned to rely on a fund-raising campaign to come up with the money for a new building.  It will house a weight room and agriculture classes.

Superintendent Paul Woehlke said the estimated cost of the building is $500,000. He said the district will rely on a mix of donations and sales tax revenue to pay for it.

Woehlke said the Sports Boosters and FFA Alumni raised about $60,000. Another $10,000 came from other donations.  That money was spent on construction materials.

He said, “We're still seeking and hoping for donations in support of the project,  particularly for the fitting out of the interior.  Weight room supplies, equipment and some ag laboratory equipment.”

Woehlke estimates the cost to outfit the weight room and agriculture room at $50,000.

He said, “On the ag side, it would be a combination classroom and laboratory. The intent being, to kind of move into the science side of agriculture.”

The superintendent also said,  “We kind of have limited facilities available for our physical education programs. This would not only be available after-hours for athletes but during the school day for p.e. classes.”

The district has training facilities on the east side of Monmouth for sports programs.  Those are too far away to be used during the school day. The new building will be built on the high school campus.

Contractors will complete the initial construction and the final touches including wiring.  In between, students in building trades will get to take a special six-week summer class for credit to do work such as hanging drywall.

The goal is to complete the building in time for next school year.