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School Day Will Start Later Once a Week


School bells will ring an hour later on Wednesdays next year in the Monmouth-Roseville School District.

Students might see it as recreational time. Superintendent Paul Woehlke said teachers will be hard at work. They will spend the extra time collaborating to make sure they are all on the same page when it comes to common core standards. The state has adopted the standards with testing of students to begin in 2014.

Woehlke said “There's a lot of work going to need to be done over the next few years to incorporate those standards into our curriculum, to make sure that our curriculum is consistent and does not have any gaps or overlap.”

The district will keep the extra time on the schedule even after implementation of the curriculum.

He said, “We have a great need for teachers to be able to meet together and collaborate and work together instead of everyone working in isolation in their classroom.”

The district's goals committee came up with the idea of a regularly scheduled weekly period for teachers to discuss the curriculum issues. Woehlke said the board approved the change after “lively” discussion.
The new schedule has not been set. Buildings will start their school days at slightly staggered times. Buses will run an hour later on Wednesdays. The district will have non-instructional staff to provide supervision for children who arrive at school early.