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B-PC Parents Group Lives up to Promise

The “Just Vote No” committee formed earlier this year in the Bushnell-Prairie City School District. It was composed of parents opposed to a three-district school consolidation measure on the March ballot that included the district. The measure went down to defeat in two of the three districts.

Committee members said the campaign had a positive impact because it focused more attention on the needs in the B-PC district, particularly in the area of the curriculum.

B-PC Superintendent David Messersmith says the members are becoming more involved with the school district.

He says, “They've got a Facebook site that they communicate on. There's 180 members now and it seems to be growing. Before, we wouldn't have anybody at our meetings and now, you know, we're getting 20 to 30 people to attend the meeting.”

The group has changed its name to “B-PC Best” to reflect the change of focus.

Messersmith says the group is working very hard to find ways to improve education in the district. He calls the group “a real positive” for the district.