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Intervention Program Shows Results

The Monmouth-Roseville School Board believes the district's  Response to Intervention program deserves more time to prove its worth.
Superintendent Paul Woehlke says,  despite budget concerns, it's a good move to retain the seven aides in the program.

The goal of RTI is keep students who are failing academically in regular classrooms.

He says, “Where in the past, they might have been on a track that they would have ended up being identified as special education the goal of the RTI is to minimize the number of students who eventually do end up in special education."

The district gives students three short tests a year to measure their progress. Those who score at or below the 25th percentile get extra help.

The district hired one RTI aide for each grade level K-6 at the beginning of the current school year. They focused on developing students' reading skills this year. Math skills will be the focus next year.

Woehlke says the aides did a “great job” this year. Retaining them will provide continuity for the students next year.