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Keokuk Alderman Wants Trees Trimmed

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One member of the Keokuk City Council wants residents to address a growing nuisance.

City code requires residents to trim their trees so they do not block sidewalks or extend out over city streets.  The excessive limbs can damage larger vehicles like fire engines and garbage trucks.

1st Ward Alderman Mike O’Connor says there are too many properties, throughout Keokuk, where the trees are out of control.

He wants to put the entire city “on notice” to deal with these overgrown trees.

Keokuk would have to send out actual notices, though, to warn residents about their trees before the city could take action and force residents to pay for the work.

O’Connor says he would like to see the city help with the tree trimming or the removal of the limbs if at all possible.

City staff says it will look into the issue and see what options are available.  It is expected to come down to money and staffing levels.

O’Connor wants to continue the discussion next week.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.