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Security measures planned for Macomb schools

Rich Egger
Bollards are already installed in some locations in the school district.

The Macomb School District is taking measures to “harden” its buildings. That’s a school security measure designed to make it more difficult for an armed intruder to enter the building.

Superintendent Patrick Twomey estimated it will cost close to $400,000 to accomplish that with all the schools in the district.

“I believe it’s well worth the cost,” Twomey said.

He said bollards – which are sturdy posts -- will be installed in front of any entrance that’s wide enough for a vehicle to drive through.

In addition, entryways will have bullet-proof glass, every classroom door will be easier for teachers to lock, and other measures will also be taken.

“Every district I know of is looking at ways to make their environment safer,” Twomey said.

Some of the money to pay for the work will come from the health/life/safety fund in the school district budget, and some of it will come from the county’s one-cent sales tax for schools.

Twomey said it’s an important step to take to help ensure the safety of students and staff members.

“At the beginning of my career, you didn’t even think some of this stuff was possible. Now on a regular basis we have guns being brought into schools, Twomey said, citing school shootings in Columbine, Newtown, and Uvalde among many others through the past 25 years.

The work will be done at Macomb school buildings over the summer.

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