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What happened to the gazebo at Galesburg’s Standish Park?

Jane Carlson
Tri States Public Radio

The gazebo at a downtown Galesburg park is no more.

The structure had been in the center of Standish Park, between city hall and Knox College, for decades.

Parks and Recreation Director Elizabeth Varner said the city was contacted about safety concerns at the gazebo because of structural issues.

On Oct. 25, city staff inspected the structure. That included Varner plus the city inspector, director of community development, superintendent of parks, code compliance supervisor, and special projects coordinator, as well as an architect.

“The meeting resulted in the decision that the Standish Park gazebo should be demolished for safety purposes,” Varner said.

The gazebo was taken down last week.

“Safety of all park guests is the number one priority, and staff determined this was the best decision,” Varner said.

A new gazebo is not in the budget for next year, but Varner said the plan is to add concrete to the area and budget for a new structure in the future.

Jane Carlson is TSPR's regional reporter.