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Adams Street Renovation Only Slightly Affected by Wet Summer

Jul 23, 2015

Construction crews in Macomb are racing to complete the Adams Street renovation project on time.  They've had to contend with one of the wettest summers on record.

The renovation -- which will include widened sidewalks, a new median, and a turn lane -- will extend two full blocks from Lafayette Street to Johnson Street.

Other features of the renovation:

  • Street paving
  • New curbs/gutters
  • 6-foot sidewalks on either side
  • Storm sewers/water main replacement (DONE)
  • Median on east end with…
    • Vegetation
    • WIU pillar
    • Decorative lighting

City Administrator Dean Torreson says the wet summer hasn't affected the Adams St. renovation as much as other construction projects in Macomb.
Credit Rich Egger

Several deadlines were set when construction started in spring, and City Administrator Dean Torreson is confident many of them will still be met.

“We were hoping to be done by the time WIU classes start. It looks to me like we’re pretty close to being on schedule," Torreson said.

"If not completely done, they should be substantially done. Meaning they can probably open the street to some traffic."

Torreson added that other city construction projects, such as the painting of the water tower on the south side of town, have been substantially affected by the weather.

The Adams St. renovation extends from Lafayette to Johnson and will cost an estimated $900,000 to complete.
Credit Johnny Cather, TSPR

Regarding the Adams Street renovation, Torreson said their main concern is making sure it can handle traffic when students return in mid-August.