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NPR+ Podcast Bundle!

Support TSPR with the NPR+ Podcast Bundle!

We’re excited to announce that Tri States Public Radio is among the first NPR Member Stations to pilot the brand new NPR+ podcast bundle as a special thank you gift for donations made through This means you can get all the different podcast benefits that NPR+ has to offer with one simple recurring donation, and you’ll be supporting TSPR in the process!

What is NPR+?
NPR+ is a special collection of podcast benefits that includes bonus episodes and sponsor-free listening for some of NPR’s most popular podcasts. This means you can listen to podcasts like Up First or Code Switch with no inserted sponsor breaks, and you can even enjoy bonus episodes and behind the scenes content for shows like Planet Money, Fresh Air, and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me. You can see all of the included podcasts on

How do I get access to the NPR+ podcast bundle?
To get access to the NPR+ podcast bundle, you will need to make a new recurring donation to TSPR through our special NPR+ donation page at

How does the NPR+ podcast bundle support TSPR?
100% of your tax deductible donation through our NPR+ signup page will go directly to TSPR.

I’m already a donor to TSPR, do I get access to the NPR+ Podcast Bundle automatically?
Unfortunately no - the only way to get the NPR+ bundle at this time is to set up a new recurring donation to TSPR through our NPR+ signup page at There are plans to grant NPR+ access to qualified existing donors as a benefit without a separate donation through this website. This is not yet possible. When this option is available we will reach out to eligible donors, we hope by the end of 2023. Thank you for your support of TSPR. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Have questions or need help?
Check out the FAQs at the bottom of our NPR+ page here for more information or contact TSPR.