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Bald Eagle Appreciation Days - Keokuk

The 35 th Bald Eagle Appreciation Days gets underway Saturday morning in Keokuk and runs through Sunday night. Organizers hope the latest round of winter weather might help visitors see more of the stars of the weekend.

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Jason Parrott / TSPR

Fort Madison has again left the Main Street Iowa program, which works with downtown businesses in the state. Those behind the change hope it will result in a stronger, more cohesive downtown district for the community.

New Year, New Laws

Jan 16, 2019

I read a public radio article titled Survey Finds the Public Lacks Knowledge of State Government that inspired me to take a look at the Illinois General Assembly – our elected representatives and senators. It's easy to conclude that our elected state officials accomplish little since they couldn't agree on a state budget for more than two years, and have not followed their own pension funding rules for decades. We don't have much personal contact anymore since few elected officials of either party have public meetings without pre-selecting their audiences. It is hard to get a positive impression from election materials alone.

Jason Parrott / TSPR

Early voting has started for the February 5 special election in the Keokuk School District. Residents are being asked to support a plan that the district said will increase the amount of money available for infrastructure improvements without hiking property taxes.

Tri States Public Radio

Inmates are once again being lodged at the Warren County Jail. The facility reopened last week after closing in August due to a staffing shortage.

Shop Talk panelist Jasmine Crighton said she recently filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with Western Illinois University.  Crighton told the Shop Talk panel she filed the FOIA to obtain data her students might use for a story. She also filed the request so that she could talk about the FOIA process with her students.  She was surprised by what happened next.

It was a good day to be a Democrat in Illinois as Governor J.B. Pritzker was sworn in on Monday along with a diverse group of statewide office holders. In his inaugural speech, Pritzker set the stage for an ambitious progressive agenda in the upcoming legislative session. But, the Democratic governor along with a Democratic majority in the General Assembly have their work cut out for them.

Republicans Begin Third Iowa Legislative Session with Complete Control

Jan 14, 2019
John Pemble/Iowa Public Radio

Iowa lawmakers gaveled in Monday to kick off the 2019 legislative session. It's the third legislative session in a row with full Republican control of the statehouse.  Senate Republican Leader Jack Whitver (R-Ankeny) says his members are excited to build on their accomplishments of the past two years.

Courtesy WIU GIS and McDonough County ESDA

It might be Tuesday evening before a stretch of Route 136 fully re-opens in eastern McDonough County. The highway was closed late Sunday afternoon because a train derailed between Adair and Table Grove.

J.B. Pritzker is set to become the 43rd governor of Illinois on Monday. He won in part by promising to make college more affordable, improve the state’s finances, and reform the criminal justice system.

Statehouse editor Brian Mackey sat down with Pritzker over the weekend for a conversation focused on his policy agenda, the problems facing Illinois, and ethics in government.

The Pritzker Agenda

Jan 11, 2019

Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker takes office next week on the heels of the most decisive election victory in a generation. And he’ll be working to pass his agenda through the biggest Democratic majorities in the General Assembly since the 1960s.

That raises a question: What precisely does that agenda consist of? 


Folk Weekend Live in Concert

Bigfoot Yancey, 7:00pm March 2, 2019 Vallillo/Holtz Performance Studio

Bigfoot Yancey is an Indianapolis-based band that has developed a sound that draws upon inspiration from various genres but always rooted in Americana and the blue collar sound that has defined many parts of this country for decades. In an era where more and more musicians are relying upon technology, Bigfoot Yancey strives to keep their music as raw and stripped down as possible. This allows the listener to fully engage with the music in a very real sense. Their live performances echo this...

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Held up over disagreements over federal food stamps, the first draft of the 2018 farm bill arrived Thursday, bearing 35 changes to that program, including starting a national database of participants.

Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media

As agriculture intensified in the 20th century, summers in the Midwest became wetter and cooler.  An MIT study published this month looked at whether vegetation from crop production, rather than greenhouse gas emissions that are an established source of climate changes, could have driven these regional impacts.

Ben Kuebrich/Kansas News Service/Harvest Public Media

A new, widely debated federal mandate requires truckers to electronically track the number of hours they're on the road — a rule that is meant to make highways safer. But there is a big difference between hauling a load of TVs and a load of cattle destined for meatpacking plants.


Lawsuits filed in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas against the makers of the herbicide dicamba will be centralized in the federal court in St. Louis.

Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media

In the coming months, Congress will map out how it will spend upwards of $500 billion on food and farm programs over the next five years.  The massive piece of legislation known as the farm bill affects all taxpayers -- whether they know it or not.

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