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For Biofuels Industry, Federal Support Is Crucial — And Uncertain

The comment period on an Environmental Protection Agency rule regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) ends this month, but farm state lawmakers and biofuels advocates continue to argue the rule isn’t adequate. And they are pushing for a deal they say the president promised them.

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Hate crimes rose by 30 percent in Illinois in 2018, according to a recently released FBI report.

Commentary: Homelessness in Rural Communities

Nov 20, 2019

At the beginning of this semester, the Western Illinois University Marketing Club was contacted by Samaritan Well, the homeless shelter in Macomb, and they asked if we would be interested in helping them put together a fundraiser to raise money and, more importantly, awareness for their organization. I gladly agreed and took up leadership in the project. We decided to make the event a sleep-out, as there is a national sleep-out movement to raise awareness for homelessness during the month of November. The concept of a sleep-out is to spend a night away from home – ideally, sleeping outdoors – to raise awareness for the struggles of those who do not have a home to go to.

Governor J-B Pritzker says he's "appalled" by reports of forced student isolation in Illinois schools and promised immediate action.

Chicago-based Robert Feder, who reports on the media, joined others in taking to task the student newspaper at Northwestern University. The Daily Northwestern's editor-in-chief and eight other editors signed an editorial that apologized for the paper's coverage of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions' appearance at a College Republicans event and the protests that accompanied his appearance.

During 2019, the curveballs thrown at farmers began with the partial government shutdown in January, when some U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies were closed. Spring brought a storm system—called a bomb cyclone—that dumped rain on top of frozen fields unable to make use of it, kicking off weeks of flooding exacerbated by additional precipitation. Planting ran later than usual and some farmers never got a cash crop into certain saturated fields.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation has released the identities of the people involved in an officer-involved shooting in Burlington on Nov. 7.

Create Memories Without Watching the Clock

Nov 15, 2019

Many of us grew up hearing that our generation was “the future.” But as a child, the future seemed so far off. Growing older seemed impossible.

Illinois has more than 850 school districts, and most of those stop at 8th grade, or serve only high school students. State Sen. Dan McConchie (R-Lake Zurich), has proposed legislation that would give such districts three years to merge to become “unit” districts — the kind that serve all grades.

“I actually have a K-8 district that feeds more than one high school district,” he says. “And some of the experts that I’ve talked to, when I tell them that, they just look at me kind of incredulously and say, ‘How do they even establish a curriculum appropriately?’ ”

City of Macomb

The city of Macomb has partnered with Amtrak on a special website to track the progress of the passenger trains that stop in the city. It’s similar to the status monitors available in Union Station in Chicago.


Galesburg’s new fire chief is no stranger to the department. Randy Hovind, who has been with the Galesburg Fire Department for 20 years, will be sworn in as Fire Chief on Friday, Nov. 22.


Trump Impeachment Inquiry: Watch House Hearings Live

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This year's catastrophic flooding has created hard times for many people in Midwest, but it's created a nirvana for mosquitoes.


Held up over disagreements over federal food stamps, the first draft of the 2018 farm bill arrived Thursday, bearing 35 changes to that program, including starting a national database of participants.

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As agriculture intensified in the 20th century, summers in the Midwest became wetter and cooler.  An MIT study published this month looked at whether vegetation from crop production, rather than greenhouse gas emissions that are an established source of climate changes, could have driven these regional impacts.

Ben Kuebrich/Kansas News Service/Harvest Public Media

A new, widely debated federal mandate requires truckers to electronically track the number of hours they're on the road — a rule that is meant to make highways safer. But there is a big difference between hauling a load of TVs and a load of cattle destined for meatpacking plants.


Lawsuits filed in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas against the makers of the herbicide dicamba will be centralized in the federal court in St. Louis.

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