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Rich Egger

AWOL County Board Member Resigns

Democrat Tessa Pfafman was elected to a seat in McDonough County Board District One in November, 2018. She was sworn into office a month later, but did not show up for any committee or full county board meetings after that.

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Main Street Keokuk

The 2nd annual Conrad Nagel Film Festival will be held October 18 & 19 at the Grand Theater in downtown Keokuk. The star of this year's festival will be John Wayne.


Court documents state Justin Lundgren is charged with Theft, a Class 2 felony. He is accused of taking between $10,000 and $100,000 from the estate of his mother, Mildred Lundgren.


There are four open seats on the Fort Madison City Council in the November 5 election. Five of the six people on the ballot recently participated in a forum at City Hall moderated by Tri States Public Radio's Jason Parrott.

Commentary: Serving Up Conversation

Oct 16, 2019

It is the centerpiece for "The Waltons."  Every Sunday the Reagan clan of the”"Blue Bloods" sits around it to talk about family, politics, and the moral question of the week.  For "The Conners"  it is the center of the opening credits and for once they are all laughing,  And we cannot forget the women of "Sex and the City." They always found glamourous ones to sit around to talk about too much detail of their lives, and we soaked it in.   

Podcast Popularity

Oct 16, 2019

An article in the public broadcasting trade publication Current said NPR is projecting that podcast sponsorship revenues will surpass revenues from broadcast sponsorships next year for the first time.

A University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign committee released on Tuesday its recommended changes to how the university handles claims of sexual misconduct against faculty.

Illinois residents across the state, and across party lines, largely support more gun regulations. That’s according to the results of an NPR Illinois - University of Illinois Springfield survey. We took a look at the new data and explored what might be behind the numbers.

Hancock County Sheriff's Office

A now former employee of the Hancock County Jail is in custody. The Illinois State Police on Friday arrested Cory Hamelton, 35, of Carthage and charged him with Custodial Sexual Misconduct.

Photos courtesy of WIU

Governor J.B. Pritzker appointed Carin Stutz and Patrick Twomey to the Western Illinois University Board of Trustees just a few weeks ago.  Stutz and Twomey filled the seats that became vacant when Pritzker withdrew his nominations of Nick Padgett and Jackie Thompson in July.

Standing in the pasture he planted with native grasses, Charlie Besher scanned gray autumnal skies as cows with swollen bellies lowed in the valley below. He hoped for rain. He hoped for safety for his herd. For now, the cellphone tower on the near horizon was empty, but by evening, black vultures would roost there again, often by the dozens. 

If a cow had its calf overnight, there would be time for it to clean its baby up, to get rid of the afterbirth, before the black vultures took flight in the early morning. Maybe that would make it less attractive to the birds. 


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Harvest Public Media


This year's catastrophic flooding has created hard times for many people in Midwest, but it's created a nirvana for mosquitoes.


Held up over disagreements over federal food stamps, the first draft of the 2018 farm bill arrived Thursday, bearing 35 changes to that program, including starting a national database of participants.

Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media

As agriculture intensified in the 20th century, summers in the Midwest became wetter and cooler.  An MIT study published this month looked at whether vegetation from crop production, rather than greenhouse gas emissions that are an established source of climate changes, could have driven these regional impacts.

Ben Kuebrich/Kansas News Service/Harvest Public Media

A new, widely debated federal mandate requires truckers to electronically track the number of hours they're on the road — a rule that is meant to make highways safer. But there is a big difference between hauling a load of TVs and a load of cattle destined for meatpacking plants.


Lawsuits filed in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas against the makers of the herbicide dicamba will be centralized in the federal court in St. Louis.

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