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Burlington City Council Approves Goals

Nov 26, 2012

The Burlington City Council has signed off on its goals for the next two years.

Burlington City Hall

The panel’s goal-setting session from October yielded many of the same ideas: stabilize the budget, continue with the separation of the city’s combined sewer system, support the downtown district and build bike trails.

City Manager Jim Ferneau said three new goals did come to light, with two ranking equally on the list: finding a new home for the Burlington Police Department and improving the appearance of the city.

The third new goal is for the city council to explore the privatization of city services, in particular ambulance and garbage.

Ferneau said city staff will develop an action plan and progress reports for the panel.


Meanwhile, the Burlington City Council has adopted the city’s new comprehensive plan.

City Manager Jim Ferneau said it will be a “living document.”

“The Planning & Zoning Commission will be reviewing (the comprehensive plan) on an annual basis,” said Ferneau, “looking to see if there are any updates that need to be made.  If there are any changes (the P&Z Commission) thought needed to be made, the changes would be brought to the Burlington City Council’s attention.”

Ferneau said there are a lot of “potential actions” mentioned in the lengthy document.

He said it is important for residents to realize that some of them could come to fruition while others may never pan out.

Some of the goals mentioned in the comprehensive plan include supporting business growth and protecting, improving and sustaining natural resources.