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Burlington Police Station Future

Jul 30, 2012

City and county leaders understand there are structural concerns with Burlington’s police station on North 3rd Street.

Those concerns led to discussions about a joint law enforcement center that would be shared by Burlington and Des Moines County.

Chairman Tom Broeker says the County Board of Supervisors backed out of the talks because of the potential, multi-million dollar price tag for the project.

The future of the building is back in the news after mold was discovered on the third floor, which houses the Des Moines County Attorney’s office.

City Manager Jim Ferneau says the mold is being addressed.

Broeker says because of that, he does not anticipate the mold being a long-term issue, unlike the structural integrity.

Ferneau and Broeker both anticipate separate workshops on the building in the near future.

Ferneau says he would be open to the idea of restarting talks about the joint law enforcement center.

Broeker says the county does not have the money, adding that it could not even accept a former Army reserve building because of the cost.


The demolition of several buildings in downtown Burlington is proceeding as scheduled.

Ferneau says about 90% of the Dresser-Rand complex is down with about 80% of the rubble being cleared.

The Burlington City Council voted, several months ago, to tear down the flood-damaged buildings after receiving little interest in the complex.

The city had borrowed $1-million from the state, in 2007, in an effort to keep the company from moving out of the area.

Ferneau says the city saved more than $115,000 by paying the loan off early.  He says the money is coming from a local-option sales tax account normally targeted for economic development.

Burlington had been paying about $10,000/month on the loan.