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Chairman Ready for Lee County Seat Vote

Aug 13, 2014

The head of the Lee County Board of Supervisors is ready to move ahead with a vote on one county seat.

The South Lee County Courthouse

This week's meeting marked the first time the supervisors openly discussed the report that was recently submitted by the County Seat Committee. 

The committee, which was made up of volunteers from throughout the county, spent several months touring county buildings and reviewing finances to determine where county services should be offered.

The two-hour discussion focused on three areas.

  • Building Security
  • Drivers' Licenses in Keokuk
  • Potential Cost of a New County Building

Chairman Ernie Schiller said what he took away from the discussion is that the supervisors need to vote on whether there should be one county seat or two.

"What I am feeling today is that the issue of one county seat is probably more paramount because then we could probably deal with the issue of security in one location, as opposed to spread across many buildings."

Schiller says the supervisors have the authority to name a single county seat, but they would need voter approval to borrow the millions of dollars it would take to build a new home for county and judicial services.

Schiller plans to secure a quote for the cost of designing the new building, but the supervisors have not said how much they would spend on such a report.