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College Works to Fix High School's Wireless Glitches

Mar 8, 2012

Illini West High School students have seen computers on the school's wireless network freeze up with annoying regularity. The episodes often cause students to lose some of their work.

Superintendent Kim Schilson said the latest attempt won't involve a commercial firm.

She said, “We're working with Carl Sandburg College and their technology department. And they're coming and installing some new equipment and new wires. And hopefully, that's going to solve the problems.”

The problems have defeated a number of computer companies that recommended the purchase of equipment. Those purchases didn't make much difference.

The problems also sparked a lively discussion at a recent school board meeting. Some members believe the age and construction of the building interfere with the wireless network.

Former member Robert Clifton said the he was tired of the district spending money and not seeing any results.

Member John Huston said the college's computer staff is top-notch. He said the college operates a high-capacity wireless network at its buildings in Carthage that are not vastly different in construction from the high school. He is confident they will find a solution.