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Deer Hunting at Spring Lake to Require Trail Closures

Aug 18, 2014

A proposal before city council to allow archery deer hunting at Macomb’s spring lake would require a portion of the area’s trail system to close over the winter.

Credit Wikimedia Commons / Environmental Protection Agency

Hunting would be allowed in close to 400 acres of the park. The season runs from October through mid-January.

Some trails in the southwest portion of the park would be closed during that time. City Administrator Dean Torreson said those paths are not well marked and used less than others.

“The trail that goes down into there from the north is called the Rat Trail and it’s not very well developed, nothing like the trails to the east of there."

Many of the trails at Spring Lake would remain open and accessible to the public throughout the year.

Signs would be posted along the trail system warning of when the path enters into a hunting area.

The council plans to take a vote on the proposal this evening.