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Election 2017 - Keokuk City Council - 1st Ward - Mike O'Connor

Oct 20, 2017

Two people are running for the Ward 1 seat on the Keokuk City Council: Incumbent Mike O'Connor and Dianne Stanley. O'Connor said public service has always been a part of his life and he wants to continue to serve the city.

O'Connor said he still gets a great satisfaction from serving on the city council, even after more than a decade in office. He said he brings honesty, commitment, a willingness to follow through, and common sense to the board.

O'Connor said he's proud of his votes to create the city manager position in Keokuk, to build the new aquatic center, and to bring in the entertainment barge from the Quad Cities. He said he would like to see the barge used as a conference center and as a home for a culinary arts program through SCC.

O'Connor said the biggest challenge facing the city is the federally-mandated sewer separation project. He said the $70+ million price tag is affecting every other aspect of city government. **NOTE - O'Connor said during the interview the per-resident cost would be roughly $70,000 instead of $7,000**

O'Connor said if elected to another term, he would focus on economic development and quality of life issues, including the development of a hiking/biking trail system along the riverfront and through the city.

Early voting is underway in Keokuk ahead of the November 7 general election.